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Copper Mountian Water Treatment PlantCopper Mountain Consolidated Metro District Water Treatment Plant

Tetra Tech RTW provided site selection, design services, plan and specification preparation, permit assistance, and engineering services during construction for a new water storage tank to meet the District's increasing water supply needs. The project, located on U.S. Forest Service land and within the ski area boundaries, required Copper Mountian Water Treatment Plant special-use permits. Therefore, the siting study considered options that would disturb the environment as little as possible and would allow the tank to be completely hidden from visitors' view.

The U.S. Forest Service and the County imposed special conditions for erosion control during construction and for revegetation of disturbed areas. Water quality testing was also required on downstream surface water to confirm compliance with permit conditions.

Tetra Tech RTW designed a 750,000-gallon water storage tank, the interconnecting piping, and the necessary telemetry and controls to integrate the tank into the water system. Design needed Copper Mountian Water Treatment Plantto address the effect of Copper Mountain's climate on the tank, which can cause thick layers of ice to form in the tank. As a result, the tank was designed to allow the ice to form, move, and fall without damaging the tank or its appurtenances.



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