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Dos Rios Water Supply, Treatment, & Distribution SystemDos Rios Water Supply, Treatment, & Distribution System

RTW performed a water study and subsequent design for this subdivision as part of a DOE-funded project to mitigate uranium contamination from this area's water supply. The project included 45,000 feet of 6" to 12" water mains under high spring groundwater and deep frost penetration conditions. The pipelines crossed the Gunnison River three times, requiring a 404 permit from the Corps of Engineers.

The surface water treatment plant, with intake from the Gunnison River, involved design of an innovative, award-winning "inbank" river intake, high-service pumps, and a 350,000-gpm process including chemical coagulation and adsorption clarification followed by filtration and disinfection. Chemical feed capabilities included soda ash, polymer, alum, and potassium permanganate.

Dos Rios Water Supply, Treatment, & Distribution System

A 250,000-gallon buried, concrete water storage tank with a 12" transmission line supplied system pressure, peak-hour flows, and fire flows. RTW also completed an areawide water system masterplan and a detailed water system O & M manual. Construction management services included contract administration and coordination for three separate construction contracts.



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