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Tri-Lakes Wastewater Treatment Plant

Tri-Lakes Wasterwater Plant

Monument Sanitation District, Palmer Lake Sanitation District, and Woodmoor Water & Sanitation District, jointly known as the Tri-Lakes Joint-Use Authority, own and operate this wastewater treatment plant.

RTW designed an expansion to the original plant, an aerated-lagoon system of three basins in series, from 0.8 mgd to 1.5 mgd. The chosen process technology involved an innovative variation of the activated sludge process-single-basin biological nitrogen removal.

Tri-Lakes Wasterwater Plant

The new facility reused existing facilities to the greatest extent possible. RTW's approach encompassed regrading and converting one existing lagoon to two earthen aeration basins. The existing aeration system was replaced with new blowers and flexible tube diffusers, allowing for additional BOD removal and ammonia control. Automated valves allowed for control of DO concentrations at various locations in the basins to provide anoxic zones for denitrification. A second lagoon was retrofitted for biosolids digestion, storage, and decant. The third lagoon was cleaned and abandoned. RTW enlarged the chlorination and dechlorination facilities. New facilities added to the plant included two secondary clarifiers, RAS/WAS pumping, mechanical bar screening and grit removal facilities, an operations building, and a PLC-based control system.

This project has received many awards, locally and nationally, for the innovative single-basin biological nitrogen removal process.

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